Is it possible to share boards?

- Is it possible to share the user database between two vBulletin boards using vBSSO plugin? - Well, yes, it is not just only possible, but easy. vBSSO helps you build a bridge between two (or more) platforms. You can view the full list of all platforms that supports here. So, what prevents us from connecting the user database between two vBulletin boards?


Nothing, indeed! Seriously! The only difference is that when connecting two vBulletin boards, you will need to install vBulletin plugin on both vBulletin platforms and connect them. One vBulletin platform will act as a Master, the second one as a Slave. Setting up this connection is much like a simple platform connection. You can find  Shared Key and a Platform Address at `vBSSO->Connection Settings` Box:


  • Log in to your vBulletin control panel as administrator.Expand section and click on the `Connect a Platform` link.
  • Copy `Shared Key` field and `Platform Url` link from vBulletin vBSSO №1  to vBulletin vBSSO №2.
  • Please specify the user name and the password if your platform is protected by Basic Access Authentication.
  • Click on `Connect` button to connect your new platform.

That's it! After having done that, you will be able to share the user database between two vBulletin boards using vBSSO plugin securely. Enjoy!

As always, thank you for choosing vBSSO.



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