How to connect a platform to vBulletin?


As you might already know, the vBSSO Connect 1.x plugin consists of two components:
First, there’s a vBulletin plugin (vBulletin platform acts as the Master platform) that creates an interface for authenticating, controlling access, and managing user profile data.
The second component is plugin for other platform (or the Slave platform - like WordPress, Prestashop, Magento etc.) that teach it to talk to vBulletin and exchange data.

Connection a platform to a vBulletin is actually pretty simple.


Before you get started, you will need to do the following:
✓Download the vBSSO Connect 1.x for Master and Slave platforms (for example, vBSSO Connect vBulletin 1.x for the Master and vBSSO Connect WordPress 1.x for the Slave - we will use WordPress as an example).

Step 1 — Configuring on the Master platform

✓ Unzip and upload everything from `upload` folder to the `/` root directory of your forum.
✓ Log in to your forum’s `/admincp/` control panel as administrator.
✓ Navigate to `Plugins & Products` section.
✓ Expand section and click on the `Manage Products` link.
✓ Scroll down right frame until you find `Add/Import Product` link.
✓ Click on the link and browse for vbsso.xml file
✓ Click on the import button.
✓ The plugin should be successfully installed and new vBSSO section should appear on left.

Step 2 — Configuring on the Slave platform

✓ Unzip and upload folder "vbsso" to `/wp-content/plugins/` directory of your WordPress installation
✓ Log in to WordPress as administrator.
✓ Navigate to `Plugins` or `Network -> Plugins` (in case of enabled network) section and activate vBSSO plugin.
✓ Add vBSSO widget to your pages via Appearance menu (it is obligatory).
✓ Navigate to `Settings` - > `vBSSO`.



vBSSO WordPress Settings Page after successful installation consists of:

  1. Footer Link.
  2. Platform.
  3. Settings.
  4. User Groups Association.

wpACP2-min✓ Modify your default Platform Shared Key by setting it to more secure unreadable phrase to encrypt exchanged data.
✓ Save Changes.

Step 3— Connecting the platform (or multiple platforms)

✓ Log in to your vBulletin control panel as administrator.
✓ Navigate to `vBSSO` section.
✓ Expand section and click on the `Connect Platforms` link.
✓ Copy `Platform Url` link and `Shared Key` field from WordPress installation to vBulletin.
✓ Click on `Connect` button to connect your new platform.
✓ Back to WordPress vBSSO Settings page and verify that API Connections fields are filled out.
✓  Add the vBSSO Login widget (obligatory for plugin functionality - this widget is available in WordPress widget list right after platforms connection. Go to WordPress Admin > Appearance > Widgets > and activate vBSSO Login widget).

Step 4 — Using the vBSSO plugin

✓ Create a user (please, do a registration through the vBSSO Login widget only (it is obligatory for plugin functionality).
✓ Sign in to the Master platform (you will be logged in to the Slave platforms automatically).
That's all! Have fun!

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