vBSSO vBulletin Release 1.5.1

Great news! vBSSO vBulletin 1.5.1 is released now - February 19, 2016.

The major change is the Fix of an issue when vBulletin redirects to WordPress search page after —Ālearing the browser's cookie and cache. Now, vBSSO redirects you to particular page from which you are logged in. The patched version is available¬†here.

Let's take a look what are the difference:

  • before the fix the vBSSO redirects to the Search Page with nothing found result:


  • after the fix the vBSSO redirects on the page you are logged from:


Have fun!

vBSSO team,


  1. Avatar

    Hello, Working for vB5?

  2. vbsso

    Regarding the vBSSO + vB5 support – the product is already at Beta testing stage. It is the last stage of testing.

    We’re Waiting To Be Released in July, 2016!

    Thanks for using vBSSO!

  3. Avatar

    when is vb5 support released?

    • vbsso

      We are pleased to hear that you are interested in our product. We are sorry but the release has been delayed for some time. If you are interested in vB5 support, please, contact our support team http://vbsso.com/report-an-issue/ and we will do our best to help you at individual level.

      As always, thank you for choosing vBSSO!