How to disable vBSSO on platforms via custom-config.php and login to Admin Area

If you are unable to login your admin area - we will show you how to disconnect vBSSO redirects and perform simple login without vBSSO. This method can be applied to all vBSSO Slave platforms. To disable vBSSO redirections, please:

  1. Open your vBSSO installation, and find 'config.custom.default.php' file via FTP (for example, '$WORDPRESS_HOME/wp-content/plugins/vbsso/config.custom.default.php' in WordPress).
  2. Rename this file as 'config.custom.php'. Save the changes.
  3. Open the file. You will see the next code:
function vbsso_get_wordpress_custom_config() {
 return array(
 'log' => true,
 'override-links' => true,

Find the code:

'override-links' => true,

Modify as:

'override-links' => false,

Save the changes.

This option disables vBSSO links overritten for login, register, logout in order to use standard platform links in case of login problems. Now, try to login your Admin Area via admin link.

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