How to set up Profile fields?

How to set up Profile Fields?

When users register to be members of your vBulletin site they enter default profile information (as you remember the vBSSO registration is always performed on vBulletin side).  But  what to do if your Slave has some mandatory fields and Master has not?

Let's take for example Magento eCommerce platform as a Slave.

Magento has required registration field - Last Name. In vBulletin by default this field is not required. As a result the registered user can achieve a real mash in own profile - fresh user will be forced to add Last Name on Magento side but (after you will add the last name on Magento) it will be absent on vBulletin. What to do?

OPTION 1: Every time add Last Name for all new users manually on both platforms - yep, not ideally and time-consuming.

OPTION 2: You can define mandatory registration profile fields using vBSSO. To do it please:

1. Log in vBulletin AC as administrator;
2. Add new Profile Field in vBulletin: open 'User Profile Fields'-->Add 'New User Profile Field';3. Choose 'Profile Field Type'-->'Single-Line Text Box'-->Continue.

4. Give a title to the created field as 'Last Name'.

5. Put 'Field Required' to 'Yes, at registration and profile updating'.
6. Save the 'Profile field'.

7. Open vBulletin 'User Profile Field Manager' and remember the original name/profile field identity of created profile field - in our example - field6.

8. Open 'vBSSO Profile Fields' section and specify custom profile field identity to interpret it as 'Last Name' on Slave (field6 - in our case).

9. Press Save button. Now all users will be obligated to specify the Last Name during the registration. This data will be passed to Magento automatically and new users will have identical Last Name on both platforms.

In such way you can set up next Profile Fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Country
  • City
  • Phone
  • Birth date

Have fun with vBSSO!

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