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How to connect a platform to vBulletin?

INTRODUCTION As you might already know, the vBSSO Connect 1.x plugin consists of two components: First, there’s a vBulletin plugin (vBulletin platform acts as the Master platform) that creates an interface for authenticating, controlling access, and managing user profile data. The second component is plugin for other platform (or the Slave platform - like WordPress, Prestashop, Magento etc.)…
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Before the Jump – vBSSO vBulletin 5 support

Great news! We'd like to bring a light to vBSSO vBulletin 5 Support - it is still in development progress. Since the initial release of the vBSSO product, there have been many changes and improvements. Now we work to support popular platforms (including vBulletin 5) and roll that out to the broader community, so we're excited to work out many…
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