The documentation in this chapter contains the information that is relevant for you, if you are want to configure the plugin on your MediaWiki and vBulletin.

vBSSO Settings Page on MediaWiki

Log in as Administrator to MediaWiki Admin Panel. To configure vBSSO navigate to: Special pages > vBSSO or Toobox > vBSSO.


vBSSO MediaWiki Settings page consists of:

  1. Footer Link checkbox - the foter link contains with a copyright phrase: Single Sign On provided by vBSSO. This setting allows you to show or hide a footer link.
  2. Platform Shared Key - modify your default Platform Shared Key by setting it to more secure unreadable phrase to encrypt exchanged data. Unconnect the platform to change the shared key!
  3. Platform Address - is unchangeable option for user and is used when you want to connect the platform.
  4. Login through vBulletin page - allows to redirect user to vBulletin login page, and to Mediawiki right after successful authorization.
  5. Show vBSSO Login Form Widget - allows to show vBSSO Login widget on MediaWiki Login page.
  6. vBSSO Widget Title - allows you to change its title.

How to connect the platforms?


  • Log in to MediaWiki as administrator.
  • Navigate to vBSSO Settings page.
  • Modify your default Platform Shared Key by setting it to more secure unreadable phrase to encrypt exchanged data.
  • Save Changes.


  • Log in to your vBulletin control panel as administrator.
  • Navigate to vBSSO section: Admin Panel > vBSSO.

vBSSO Settings page includes the following components: Required, Connect a Platform, Connection Settings, Link Custom Page, Profile Fields, Acess Settinngs, Logging&Notifications, Warnings and Backup&Restore ( more info about vBSSO Connect vBulletin ).

  1. Copy Platform Url link and Shared Key field from MediaWiki installation to vBulletin.
  2. Enter BAA credentials (only in case if your platform is protected with BAA).
  3. Click on Connect button to connect your new platform.
  • This will connect the Slave platform with the Master platform. You should see the name of connected platform (marked with green color) in Connected Platforms list below vBSSO main window.
  1. Go back to MediaWiki vBSSO Settings page and verify that API Connections fields are filled out.