Getting Started

Get started with vBSSO Connect

This is a tutorial site for non-technical users who are interested in learning more about vBSSO. Here you’ll learn fundamental vBSSO features, download the product versions and find a usefull tips.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Install vBSSO software for your platform/site;
  • Set up and run a software;
  • Set up your custom login page / platform access;
  • etc.

What is single sign-on (SSO)? What is the difference between SSO and vBSSO?

Learn what is single sign-on (SSO) and what is the difference between SSO and vBSSO 


How to connect a platform to vBulletin?

Learn how to connect the platforms


vBSSO vBulletin: vBSSO Access Settings in details

Learn how to set up your access options for different user groups or user roles




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