vBSSO Connect Dokuwiki 1.x


ProductPHP versionPlatform
vBSSO Dokuwiki 1.0.0 5.2, 5.3 DokuWiki 2012 `Adora Belle`
DokuWiki 2014 `Ponder Stibbons`
Plugin doesn't share any user related information with any third party side. It strongly synchronizes the information between your own platforms connected personally to your vBulletin instance.

Installation (DokuWiki version lower then 2014-05-05 `Ponder Stibbons`)

  1. Download DokuWiki vBSSO (Required).
  2. Unzip and upload `vbsso` folder to the `/lib/plugins/` directory of your DokuWiki.

Installation (DokuWiki version is 2014-05-05 `Ponder Stibbons`)

  1. Go to the `Admin` -> `Extension Manager` -> `Manual install`.
  2. Upload the archive with extension.

Configuration (DokuWiki)

  1. Log in to your DokuWiki as administrator.
  2. Navigate to "Admin" -> "vBSSO Setting".
  3. Modify your default Platform Shared Key by setting it to more secure unreadable phrase to encrypt exchanged data.
  4. Save Changes.

Configuration (vBulletin)

  1. Log in to your vBulletin control panel as administrator.
  2. Navigate to `vBSSO` section.
  3. Expand section and click on the "Connect Platforms" link.
  4. Copy `Platform Url` link and `Shared Key` field from Drupal installation to vBulletin.
  5. Click on `Connect` button to connect your new platform.
  6. Back to Prestashop vBSSO Settings page and verify that API Connections fields are filled out.


  1. Go to the `Admin` -> `Manage Plugins`.
  2. Press `delete` or `uninstall` infront of `vBSSO`.
Plugin doesn't revert already sync data back to its original state if you decide to disable plugin later.


= 1.0 =

  • Initial version released.
  • [Released July 12, 2014]