vBSSO Connect Mediawiki 1.x

Plugin doesn't share any user related information with any third party side. It strongly synchronizes the information between your own platforms connected personally to your vBulletin instance.


ProductPHP versionPlatform
vBSSO Mediawiki 1.0.2 5.2, 5.3 Mediawiki 1.19 - 1.25


  1. Download MediaWiki vBSSO.
  2. Unzip and upload everything to `/extensions/vbsso/` directory of your MediaWiki installation.
  3. Log in to MediaWiki as administrator.
  4. Open `LocalSettings.php` file in the root of MediaWiki installation and add `require_once( "$IP/extensions/vbsso/vbsso.php" );`
  5. Make sure that *.conf files are writable.


  1. Open `LocalSettings.php` file in the root of MediaWiki installation and remove `require_once( "$IP/extensions/vbsso/vbsso.php" );`
  2. [Optional] Remove /extensions/vbsso` directory.


  1. Log in to your vBulletin control panel as administrator.
  2. Navigate to `vBSSO` section.
  3. Expand section and click on the `Connect Platforms` link.
  4. Copy `Platform Url` and `Shared Key` fields from MediaWiki installation to vBulletin (you can find them in `Special pages -> vBSSO`).
  5. Click on `Connect` button to connect your new platform.
 Plugin doesn't revert already sync data back to its original state if you decide to disable plugin later.


= 1.0.2 =

  • Added Mediawiki 1.23.x support.
  • Fixed "Usergroups Associations" section if platform is disconnected.
  • Fixed "Login Through vBulletin Page" option.
  • Enhancements and bugs fixes.
  • [Updated November 6, 2014]

= 1.0.1 =

  • Added Mediawiki 1.22.x support.
  • Implemented editing user credentials.
  • Implemented Roles managing (usergroups sync).
  • Implemented vBSSO Authorization without redirecting to vBulletin.
  • Fixed Register issue on MediaWiki 1.22.x
  • Added menu item into Toolbox.
  • Enhancements and bugs fixes.
  • [Updated June 10, 2014]

= 1.0 =

  • Initial version released.
  • [Released December 03, 2012]